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eat better together

Eat Better Together

We partner with the fittest people alive to create exclusive meal plans based on their individual eating ethos. Sneak a peek into their pantries with ingredient lists and exclusive nutrition-related content from your favourite influencer / idol.

Our nutritionists translate what the influencers eat into a lifestyle that YOU can follow.

Although an abundance of information and inspiration lives online; the majority of us experiences difficulties to find healthy, varied and easy-to-prepare meals every day. We turn to our favourite athletes and role models on social media and ask “How do YOU do it?!”, however there’s limitations on how in-depth he or she can provide information.

We are here to change that.

rocket influencers

Committed to contribute to a healthier world – one plate at a time.

Prevention before curation. Healing ourselves and the planet goes hand in hand and NOW is the time to step up and unite. With a, mindfully curated, core group of Founding Influencers we see to bring joy, confidence and health into our beautiful world.


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