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Briana Evigan

Eating healthy nutritious meals has never been easier. Follow our ambassadors to start your tailored food journey today.

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How does it work?

Take the guesswork out of healthy eating with a meal plan that gives you a little push to step out of the usual food choices. We also include our ambassadors personal tips (big and small) for preparing nutritionally balanced meals.

Food preferences or dietary requirements? We’ve got you covered! All meal plans are tailored and personalised to you.

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Your health goals, your meal plan.

Eat like one of our ambassadors

All Foodimus meal plans are put together by our ambassadors, including world-leading athletes, nutritionists, chefs and influencers, catering to all eating preferences and dietary requirements.

Briana Evigan

Dancer, actress, health freak and yogi Briana shows us how she maintains her health with her tailored meal plan.

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Tessa Moorman

Leading nutritionist, specialized in vegan meal plans that both nurture and fuel your body.

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Lenna Omrani

Who said healthy eating should be dull and tasteless? Lenna's here to prove that eating is a journey to a happy gut, and a happy mind!

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Get unlimited access to all of our meal plans, tailored to your needs.

We provide new recipes with nutritious ingredients inspired by our ambassadors, proof checked by our nutritionists and specialists.

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Ready to be your healthiest self?

One price for a selection of meals, tips and health hacks – tailored to your needs.

We know your health is a long term commitment for you and we also understand that this journey may not always be with Foodimus. So we’ve made sure to offer food plans that require no commitments – with us you can change your mind any time.

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Ready to eat like your favorite influencer?

By signing up for our seven-day free trial, you experience the convenience of Foodimus. Our personalized meal plans, downloadable shopping lists and the benefits of healthy and nutritious food. All tailored for you, based on the eating schedule of athletes and influencers.