Welcome to the Health Network

Every body is different. We provide you the products and tools so you can find out what work for you.

Because every body is unique

We believe that every body is unique and therefore needs a unique approach to achieve health goals. With Foodimus, you get a unique insight into your health and can work on your health goals together with our health coaches like never before.

Your personal health coach in your pocket

Really everything you can think of to achieve your health goals we have thought about for you.

Meal plans

With 1.7 million recipes, we can make it very personalised.

Professional lab tests

We can test your blood for almost any value in your body.

Health coaches

Our health coaches can give you 1-to-1 advice and guidance.

phone device

Wearable data

Data from your favourite wearables enrich your Foodimus profile.


We have a programme for every kind of health goal.


High-quality supplements based on your needs.

Our special approach

We help you create a complete health profile about yourself and support you every step of the way with our app, blood tests and personal advice.

An all-in-one platform

Connect all your data from your favourite health apps and wearables and create an overall picture of your health, helping you reach your health goals faster.

More than just an app

Foodimus is much more than just a smart health app. We are a platform where we bring people with health goals together with people with knowledge about health.

Hyper personalised health journeys

Foodimus is ready to help you achieve your health goals using our extensive network of coaches and their programs. Each program is carefully put together and guided by professionals and can be fully customised to your specific needs and preferences.

Comprehensive insight into your health?

Through Foodimus, you can easily and quickly have a professional blood test done without a referral from a GP, so exactly when you want it yourself.

Hey health coach!

Are you a health professional? Then Foodimus offers the ideal tool to gain a deeper insight into your clients’ health and guide them in a professional way to achieve their health goals.

"Foodimus helps me deliver top performance every time"

Jeroen Vroemen

Semi-professional cyclist