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About us

Our story

Foodimus takes pride in helping people on their journey to live healthier lifestyles – from the food they eat, to the environment they live in. Our team works with influencers, athletes and nutrition experts as our brand ambassadors to lead this movement. Foodimus’s purpose is to fill every plate with healthy, nutritious and of course, delicious food. 

With our ambassadors, we personalize meal plans to fit your goals and needs, making healthy eating easier than ever.

Foodimus is committed to contributing to a healthier world, one plate at a time. How? By bringing our ambassadors and trusted nutrition experts together, providing you with inside knowledge, meal plans and health hacks on how to fuel your body the way it needs to be nourished. And all this, for an accessible price!

We strive to inspire the world to become a healthier place - from the kitchen, to the environment we live in.

We are committed to making healthy eating easy for everyone. We bring the world of the influencer and trusted nutritional advice together, providing you with exclusive insider knowledge on how to eat like some of the healthiest people in the world.

Foodimus is influencing a healthier world - one plate at a time.

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