Data Engineer - (Finance)

Data Engineer - (Finance)

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Data Engineer - (Finance)

Who are you?

Our mission is to build the technical platform that underpins our key company decisions, revenue and licensing calculations, financial performance management and our ability to scale out to new markets and products. As a data engineer you will be part of a team of experienced data engineers and data scientists building data pipelines and draw insights from data for the whole company. Your role will be to drive and deliver world-class data visualizations to empower business stakeholders and other engineers to understand and make decisions based on our data.

You are welcome at Foodimus for who you are, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or what food is on your plate. Our platform is for everyone, and so is our workplace. The more voices we have represented in our business, the more we will all thrive, contribute, and be brilliant. So bring us your personal experience, your perspectives, and your background. It’s in our differences that we will find the power to keep revolutionizing the way the world eats.

    Education + Experience

    • You have 2+ years of experience designing data-rich applications
    • Experience visualizing data with D3.js or similar visualization libraries 
    • You are experienced with modern React/JavaScript/CSS/HTML coding but you also can use 3rd party tools (e.g., Tableau)
    • You care about the user experience and are passionate about building user-friendly web applications.
    • You have experience with engineering practices like continuous delivery, clean code and automated testing.
    • You have a passion for presenting data and insights in accessible, accurate, actionable ways
    • You have experience designing products that guide users in making decisions by synthesizing insights from complex datasets
    • You love to create information-dense user interfaces for power users, with a deep understanding of user experience and interaction design
    • You have an online portfolio that you can share with us.

    If this job sounds interesting to you, we would love to receive your CV. please sent your CV in