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Achieve your health goals by personalising your nutrition.

What is Foodimus?

Foodimus is a food based digital healthcare platform, medical laboratory and renowned network of health coaches. Personalise and optimise your nutrition.

Achieve Your Health Goals

All Foodimus food programs are put together by our ambassadors, including world-leading athletes, nutritionists, chefs and influencers, catering to all eating preferences and dietary requirements.

Lose weight

Losing weight is 75% about what we eat and 25% about movement and work-out. Make it easy for yourself and start your subscription right here and receive the first meal plans today!

Lab tests

Food is our first medicine. Support the curation of your diabetes by learning more about the combinations of different nutrients and their effect on your blood sugar levels.

Become a better cyclist

Learn about when to eat what by the most thorough cyclists in the world. They have years of experience, expertise and done their research to improve their skills. Follow them here.

Healthy pregnancy

In the last years a lot of knowledge on hormones, pregnancy and their correlation to foods have been published. Find that wisdom in your personlised meal plan for you and your little one(s).

Trusted by the fittest people alive

We guide the fittest people alive towards their personal health goals. Our nutritional support makes them perform even better and live more fulfilling and healthy lives.


Briana Evigan

Dancer, actress and yogi Briana shows us how she maintains her health with her tailored meal plan.

Tessa Moorman

Leading nutritionist, specialized in vegan meal plans that both nurture and fuel your body.

Lenna Omrani

Who said healthy eating should be dull and tasteless? Lenna's here to prove that eating is a journey to a happy gut, and a happy mind!

Jeroen Vroemen

With years of high performance cycling under his belt; he knows a thing or two about the best foods to increase your personal cycling goals!

Unlimited access to all of our food programs, tailored to your needs.

We provide new recipes with nutritious ingredients inspired by our ambassadors, proof checked by our nutritionists and specialists.

Ready to be your healthiest self?

One price for a selection of meals, tips and health hacks – tailored to your needs.

We know your health is a long term commitment for you and we also understand that this journey may not always be with Foodimus. So we’ve made sure to offer food plans that require no commitments – with us you can change your mind any time.



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