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How it works

Healthy lifestyle. You’ve got this!

Together with nutritionists, athletes and influencers, we make healthy eating easy and achievable for you. Based on your goals and needs, we'll set up a personalized meal plan that follows the eating schedule of one of our Foodimus ambassadors, beit an influencer, actress or athlete. 

The meal plan guides you from breakfast, lunch and dinner, to grocery shopping with a downloadable shopping list. Every week you get access to new meals, recipes and meal plans so you can easily follow a varied and healthy diet. 

Don't know how to get started with your healthy lifestyle?

Start your healthy lifestyle just like your favorite influencer or athlete. Together we share cooking inspiration, knowledge and health hacks in addition to your personalized nutrition plan.

A healthy lifestyle, tailored to your needs.

Ready to be your healthiest self ever?

Experience the conveniences and a new way of eating. Meal plans personalized to your needs and goals, derived from nutrition plans from leading athletes and influencers. Ready to start your healthy food plan?

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Tailored meal plan.
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