About us


Every day, 20 million images of meals are shared on social media; whether they are made at home, ordered online or consumed in a restaurant. And whilst traditional publishers do indeed contribute a share of this, the majority of #foodinspo comes from user-generated content. Despite these images evoking a strong emotional response, they become lost in a tidal wave of information known as “the internet”.

Despite the abundance of information and inspiration that is readily available, the majority of us find it difficult to get healthy, varied and easy-to-prepare meals on the table every day. Users turn to their favourite athletes on social media to ask “How do YOU do it?!”, but there’s limitations on how in-depth the athlete can provide information - as well as commercialize their content. Our platform actively changes that.

On social media, athletes and influencers create an emotional connection with audiences by sharing diet and ‘day-on-a-plate’ related content through videos and blogs - consumed on a global scale. This is where Foodimus comes in; by collaborating with influencers that share their diet plan, and connecting them with us interested in optimizing our health and curious about how they eat.

Foodimus brings the world of the influencer and trusted nutritional inspiration together, to provide you with in-depth meal plans and nutritional inspiration you and I have been asking for.

We are the marketplace for user-generated meal plans.
Through our in-house developed app and website, we enable an influencer; sportsman; dietician; or foodie to compose their recommended meal plan/s and enable them to share this, through a monthly subscription, to interested followers - both via their social media and our app.

Our platform enables you to gain exclusive information on how to eat like the influencers you feel inspired by, for a fixed amount per month, in an easy and user-friendly manner. Consequently, you are no longer lost for food inspiration. You can choose to follow a meal plan, or pick out the recipes you like, by combining different recipes to create a personalised meal plan.

We hope to welcome you on our platform. Feel free to reach out! Join the conversation and start to eat like your favourite influencer!