Together we make the world a healthier place.

You have the knowledge, we have the platform.

  • Do you constantly get the question "what do you eat in a day"?
  • Do you train your followers but they do not get the result because they have the wrong eating habits?
  • Are you sharing your recipes for free now?
  • Are you advising your clients on nutrition but do not have the time to give them actual recipes?
Start today!

Our platform:

  • Easily create your recipes in our studio environment
  • Use the ww official ingredients and their macro/micro nutrient info
  • Easy meal plan generator
  • For the love of food an promote better health
  • Convert your network into a business revenue

How does it work?

Take your followers by the hand, share your knowledge and help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. With our tool you can easily create and sell meal plans through our platform connected to your own channels.

  • Create a meal plan with our meal plan generator based on your own recipes or from our stock database.
  • We have nutritionists who can help you draw up the perfect plan if needed.
  • You get your own environment and can use your own creativity in putting it together.
  • Share your mealplan with your followers. They can pay once or take out a subscription.
  • We share the revenue with you with a maximum profit to you!

"Through Foodimus I can satisfy the request I get from my followers."

My followers want to know how to get healthier and what to eat, especially Monday to Friday. With Foodimus I can offer them this easily. I make one plan, and my followers can adapt it to their own circumstances, backgrounds, family situation or sports background.

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