AI driven food inspiration app

Training food recognition AI through a social media layer.
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How it works

Users can tag their ingredients

Our platform facilitates a place where users can find, share and store all their food inspiration and recipes. To make it easy for others to see what is in the dish and to make the dish searchable at ingredient level, users can tag their ingredients on their food photo.

Users can search for ingredient combinations

By tagging the ingredients on the food photo, users are able to easily find food inspiration based on ingredient combinations. Also cuisine, course, flavour, and even dietary preferences can be used as a search query in combination with ingredients.

AI can recognize ingredients through user input

Because our users (through the way of tagging) indicate the exact location of an ingredient on a photo, we are able to give our machine a gigantic user-generated, very detailed bulk of data input. This is machine learning at it’s best!

Adding a recipe completes the entire picture

The platform facilitates an easy to use interface to add a complete recipe to a post. Cooking time, number of serves, ingredients, amounts and directions give great value to the user experience and boosts our machine with even more detailed data input.

The FDM Token

1 Corporate Bond divided by 10.000.000 tokens

To remunerate our FDM Token Holders we have structured the FDM Token in a way similar to a corporate bond, but with a floating interest rate at 5% of Foodimus’ net revenue. We have chosen the net revenue as measurement as it affords as little room as possible for subjective interpretation. No financial wizardry, just plain for everyone to understand, revenue. As profits could be manipulated revenue is all income that comes in.

Token distribution

70% Public
30% Influencers

ICO Bonus

+15% First 600.000 FDM
+10% Next 1.200.000 FDM
+5% Next 1.800.000 FDM

ICO characteristics

Soft cap
250 ETH
Token price
1 ETH - 2500 FDM
Token name
FDM Token
Hard cap
4000 ETH
Total supply
10.000.000 FDM
Token symbol

Core team

Robbert Vermeulen

CEO Creator of Foodimus concept. UI Designer. Ethereum Geek. Full Stack frontend developer. Successfully worked on many internet ventures, for various markets.

Jeroen Vroemen

CTO Over 20+ years of experience in the software industry working at large International Software enterprises like SAP, EMC and technically advanced like ASML, Philips. Responsible for the development strategy of Foodimus using his strong ability to bridge the gap between business and IT. Strong networker and motivator, evangelising the Foodimus concept.

Martijn Vermeulen

Growth Proved his knowledge of growth marketing again in the run-up to this ICO. Is the man that has his daily news feeds full of growth hacking talk. Will coordinate Foodimus marketing team when growing to 30+ million users after ICO.

Tim Vermeulen

Strategy & Funding All round internet Entrepreneur with deep knowledge of the financial system. Launched first company together with ING Bank N.V. at the age of 19. Interested in crypto when it was not even cool. Together with Rutger the developer of the Foodimus blockchain bonds’ structure.

Charlotte de Jong


Rutger Geerts

CFO Graduated in tax law at the Leiden university. Big four trained in M&A tax law and comes from a family with a long history in finance. Together with Tim the co-developer of the Foodimus blockchain bonds’ structure.


Wolfer de Jonge


Jaap Vreugdenhil


Jeroen van Ieperen

Dutch Chamber of Commerce



Start project

The right people, knowledge and vision are present to bring the idea to a success.


Mobile UI completion

The concept is transformed into a mobile design for iOS and other platforms in the near future.


iOS Public Beta

The Public Beta version becomes available for the first time on the iOS platform.


Start token sale

Foodimus launches a token sale to raise capital for further development, AI integration and marketing campaigns.


Start marketing campaigns

Foodimus will use a combination of paid advertising and influencer marketing to build a healthy user base.


AI integration

Foodimus will start reaching it's full technological potential by integrating machine learning into the platform.


Android Public Beta

Foodimus expands its reach through a Public Beta on the Android platform.


Launch Web version

The Foodimus Web version will provide more active users through web traffic.


How can I participate?

In general, you have two ways: you can go to when the token sale starts and follow the steps on the page or sent Ether to the smart contract address during the token sale.

With which currencies can I purchase FDM?

Since the FDM smart contract is build on Ethereum it only accepts Ether.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed database that doesn’t have storage devices connected to a shared server. This database stores an ever-growing list of ordered records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block.

What is a smart contract?

This is a program code that allows you to automatically perform certain functions when certain conditions occur. To implement smart-contracts, a decentralized environment is required that completely excludes the human factor. To use the transfer of value in a smart-contract, it requires a cryptocurrency.

What is cryptocurrency?

These are monetary units (also known as "coins" or "tokens") protected by cryptographic technology. There is no physical analogue to these monetary units, they exist only in virtual space. Tokens are protected from forgery, because they represent encrypted information that can not be copied (the use of cryptography defined the prefix "crypto" in the title).

Which wallet should I use to purchase FDM?

FDM is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token. Token holders can easily store and manage their FDM using existing Ethereum clients, including the official Ethereum wallet, Mist, Metamask,

Can I be sure that I will receive FDM after sending funds during the ICO?

FDM are sent automatically through the Ethereum smart-contract after receiving funds.

Will FDM be available on exchanges after the token sale?

Yes, FDM will be a tradable cryptocurrency on an exchange after the token sale.